Wednesday, August 26, 2009

comfort foods

i've been blessed to have eaten some of the foods that i consider as my 'comfort foods' these past few days...sarap! =)

monday - chicharon (share kami ni little missy)
tuesday - big breakfast with muffin at mcdonald's
wednesday - red milk tea by 'quickly'

ano kaya sa thursday & friday?...hmmmm....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

sleeping beauty

spent the afternoon sleeping with my dearest little missy, our little "sleeping beauty"... kahit pa nangawit at namitig ang braso ko dahil nadaganan nya sa pagtulog nya, i didn't move, baka kasi magising. it's a wonderful feeling really, and i enjoyed every bit of it. lalo na pag nag-embrace sya sakin sa pagtulog nya.

we also went on a hunt for small single plastic drawer that would fit our cabinet. found it at "handyman" at the town center (it's the nearest thing to a mall around our place) and the good part is that it's on sale, 20% off the regular price. yey!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


was able to go through all the places as planned and even got the chance to have a sidetrip to visit little missy's 'daddy' (grandfather) and her cousins. we missed the place and the kids of course, but then we have a place of our own now. but knowing that we could always go back and visit is comforting enough.

was able to visit kat&bri and see the new addition to the family, the new addition to the 'barkada', ang bagong ka-tropa ni little missy sa mga lakwatsa, si "baby boy manangan". forgot to ask the name of the baby, katakot hawakan, he looks so fragile. oh well, all newborn baby does. welcome to the world baby!

little missy enjoyed the bday party that we attended although she was asleep when we arrived and didn't get the chance to play along during the party games. she enjoyed just dancing on her own, but then she would run to me and hide everytime somebody tries to get a picture of her. ayaw pa ngang umuwi, so ang ending, umiiyak syang umalis. we forgot to bring a camera, kaya walang picture at video. manghihingi na lang ng copy sa mga me dalang camera, buti na lang meron dala ang iba! =)

Friday, August 21, 2009

remembering ninoy

design by Arnold Barredo

today we remember the death of "ninoy". i was just a child when he died. back then, i did not really understand the implications of his death. but i can vividly remember some of the things that happen as a result of his death. naalala ko nagpunta kami sa luneta park, akala ko mamasyal lang kami. isinama kasi ako ng isa sa mga boarders namin, yun pala, rally iyon. palibhasa batang kaladkarin, sama naman ako. naalala ko rin na na-teargas ako, pano kasi, meron mga nagrarally malapit sa amin, sa ermita kasi kami nakatira noon, malapit sa luneta, malapit sa US embassy, umuwi akong luhaan, luhaan dahil sa teargas. syempre pa, napagalitan ako. now i understand more than ever what "ninoy" was fighting for. what his wife "cory" continued to fight for. ganun pala pag meron ka ng sariling pamilya, especially if you already have a child of your own. now you live only not for yourself, now you live most especially for your family. and as Filipinos, we should continue, as one family, to fight for our democracy. to fight for what is right.

while watching the news, the marker on ninoy's monument (at ayala avenue) and what is written on it was shown. part pala iyon ng supposed to be ay arrival speech nya. and here it goes:

"I return from exile and an uncertain future with only determination and faith to offer – faith in our people and faith in God."

indeed, "ninoy" as well as "cory" were blessings to the Filipinos. naisip ko lang, meron pa bang "ninoy" sa panahong ito? i couldn't even pick a presidentiable to vote for the next election. sigh....but i am not losing hope.


-happy birthday-

today is also the birthday of one of little missy's cousin..."ate nikki" as she fondly calls her.

happy birthday!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

long weekend

no work tomorrow because of ninoy aquino day. yey! looking forward to the long weekend. got some extra time to be with my family. more playtime with my little missy. hopefully i could also accomplish some personal errands =)

got the two items that i've been wating for today. yey!

kat, one of my best friends, gave birth today to a baby boy. congrats mommy kat & daddy brian!!! ayan at me ka-tropa na ang aking anak sa mga lakwatsa natin. looking forward to it! =)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


blessings received for the day...

5:45am - left the house, was able to ride without having to queue a very long line (and long waiting time of course!). arrived early in the office. feels good.

received a call...a very good news indeed! i take it as a sign. THANK YOU LORD!!!

Matthew - Chapter 7:7-8
7 'Ask, and it will be given to you; search, and you will find;
knock, and the door will be opened to you.
8 Everyone who asks receives; everyone who searches finds;
everyone who knocks will have the door opened.


enjoyed my morning being with my little missy. she's currently fond of the plant 'makahiya'. kulit ng kulit na maghanap daw kami ng 'makahiya'. so we roam around our place looking for the plant and it's quite a scene watching her giggle everytime the plant wilts as she touches it. sabi nga sa commercial 'priceless'...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

new route

tried a new route today by accident. mahaba na kasi ang pila sa van/fx, siguro kasi monday. so we tried to look for a ride outside the subdivision. we saw a jeepney going to philcoa, but the signboard doesn't indicate where it would pass through. but we rode it anyway. it passed through the san mateo - batasan route. longer travel time than the litex route, but just the same kesa naman mag-antay sa pagdating ng sasakyan na walang kasiguraduhan. we just need to left the house much earlier the next time. still adjusting. we'll get used to it. soon...


sunday we went to church, had our first mass as a family at our new place. as usual, little missy wants to poop in the middle of the mass! buti na lang nilibang sya ng dada nya that she forgot about it. we're thinking it's her excuse (sort of) para makalabas ng church. after the mass, she kept on saying, "wala na si father" and we're thinking what she meant by that. and then we realized, ang ibig pala nyang sabihin is that, hindi kami nagpunta kay father (the priest) to have a blessing (which is usually being done after the mass at our regular church in manila).

Saturday, August 15, 2009

market day

feeling a little better today so i figured we could push through with our original plan of exploring our new place and try to find the town market. found it of course, i'm sort of good at navigating, yabang no?! pero muntik na akong maligaw sa loob mismo ng market! (ang bilis ng karma!) anyway, it's good to know that there's a market not so far away. bought some foods, enough for a week or two. bought one of my favorite fish good for frying, yung 'espada' na guys know it? the best sya pag fried, yung malutong! yummy! i could almost taste it...

Friday, August 14, 2009

rest day

i'm sick...i suddenly woke up with my throat hurting and my body aching. wala naman ito kahapon, i actually feel alright yesterday. so i'm thinking, bakit kaya? maybe it's the change in environment, medyo malamig kasi dito sa lugar namin. maybe my body is still adjusting to our new place. or maybe, it's God's own little way of telling me to rest. so today is my rest day. hopefully tomorrow i'll feel much better.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

new beginnings.

we just moved-in to our new house's small, it's far...but at least it's our new home we'll start anew...we'll build our dreams...we'll grow our family with lots of love...


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