Tuesday, September 8, 2009

mommy moments - dress up day

i was reading a fellow mommy's blog and found the mommy journey site which hosts a weekly themed pictures of unforgettable moments of mommies with their kiddos. i think it's fun, so am joining. besides, i still got tons of pictures of little missy that i haven't posted yet...tsk.tsk.
mommy moments

here's my entry...i'm not sure though if it is still open 'coz as per the site, the mommy moments is open every friday...but just the same...i'm still posting it, simply because it's cool =)

little missy's first trick or treat last november 2008 at our office

i'm not sure what she is though...a fairy princess? a pixie princess? whatever...all i know is that she looks really cute in her costume =)


  1. she is cute!

    welcome to mommy moments!

  2. thanks! and am looking forward to more mommy moments =)


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