Saturday, October 3, 2009

ombrophobia caused by typhoon 'ondoy'

internet! finally!

we don't have a landline phone & internet for a week...but it's nothing compared to the horrible experience of the victims of typhoon ondoy...lost of properties and worst, lost of life...i feel for those people...i pray that they may recover from this tragic event...if there is one good result of this recent calamity, it's the outpouring of love, the willingness of people to help out and reach out to the victims...pero sana, huwag na magkaroon ng calamity para lang magtulungan tayo...

i think i'm developing 'ombrophobia' or the fear of rain...whenever it rains, i sort of panic...well, it's not really that obvious, tipo bang ninenerbyos lang naman ako...tsk! tsk! if i feel this way, pano pa kaya yung mga binaha at tinangay ng baha?!?!...sad...i really really hope that we all could recover from it...soon...

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