Sunday, October 11, 2009

she said she doesn't love me...and i'm hurt...

these past few days, little missy has been saying that she doesn't love me...i know she doesn't mean it, and i wanted to think that she don't really understand what she's saying...but still, i feel hurts me everytime she said it...

i would say..."i love you anak"

she would say..."di kita love, si dada lang"

i would say..."basta ikaw love ko"

hubby would say..."love natin si mama"

she would say..."hindi ko love si mama, si dada lang"

and the conversation would go on and on like that...until she finally said...

"eh kasi, gusto ko hindi aalis si mama, dito lang si mama sa house"

and it really struck me...i'm hoping that someday she would read this blog...that this blog would last enough until the time that she could understand so that she might be able to read that she would know how much i love that she would know, that if only i could, i would spend each day with her....that i love her more than anything in the world...that i'm working hard to prepare for her future...

i love you anak...i always have...and i alway will...

i do hope that someday you would understand me...that someday you would understand why mama has to always leave you at home and go to work...and remember that, even though i'm not always with you physically, my thoughts are always with you...


  1. Thanks for visiting back sis.. That's the main reason why I quit my part time job here kasi its not worth it sa quality time that I spent with my two little ones.

    I do understand how you feel though kasi when I was still working, my daughter told me the same thing once and it hurts like a knife is stabbing your heart...

    Off topic sis

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  2. Great, great, I like your blog a lot.


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