Thursday, October 15, 2009

transpo challenge

the past week has been very challenging (still does) in terms of the travel going home...imagine having to fall in line waiting for a vehicle to bring you to your destination for 2 hours! (or more) it's quite frustrating really...not just frustrating, but draining as well...i could only resort to thinking that at least this is just the problem that we are facing and it's nothing compared to what other people are going through right now especially the victims of the typhoon 'ondoy' and 'pepeng' am still thankful...but still, it's frustrating! instead of getting home early and spending time with our precious little missy, we're stuck waiting for our turn to get on the makes us feel cranky, and mad, and depressed...did i already say it's frustrating?!...waaaahhh!!!

i guess we really really really need to learn na how to i think it's a good thing also from another perspective...


  1. magaral ka na kasi magdrive sissy! kisses and hugs to your cute little missy!

  2. onga sis...thanks for the visit! =)


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