Monday, November 23, 2009

kian brent's baptism

we have a latest addition to the ust-psg (this is what we call our barkada since college days) family. me bagong tropa na si little missy sa mga lakwatsa! welcome to the Christian world Kian!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

mommy moments - yummy!

it's friday again and it's time for mommy moments. yey! i'm on time this week! =)

this week's theme is yummy! what comes to mind when you hear this word? food of course! and yes, we do love food (who doesn't?!). hubby and i enjoy eating out and we are not afraid to try new tastes. and i guess we pass this on to our little missy because she is not very picky with food. although at times she prefer to eat just one kind of food over and over which i think is just normal for kids her age. like right now her favorite is "tuyo", see she's not picky at all. hehe =)

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mommy moments

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disney On Ice returns to the Araneta Coliseum this Christmas

from December 25 to January 3, Disney On Ice returns to Araneta Coliseum for their Christmas show entitled "Disneyland Adventure"

now this is one show that i would love to watch. back in our college days, i used to watch Disney on Ice together with my friends. and since there's some fund constraint as we just get it from our allowance, we are content on watching it from the general admission. but we never mind, we still enjoyed watching it.

i'm really glad that Disney on Ice is back again here in the philippines.they haven't been here for quite some time and now that i have a child, i would like to watch it again this time with my little missy. she already knew almost all of the disney characters so i'll bet she'll have a blast watching it.

i'm praying that we'll have some extra in our budget to be able to afford the tickets. luckily, i found out that there's an ongoing promotion on the ticket sales. you can get as much as 10% - 12% discount on the tickets buy using BPI, BDO, or AMEX card when purchasing the tickets. senior citizen card is also accepted (but maybe for the cardholder only). there's also a 10% discount for every 4 tickets.

what's more?!

you may also win 4 VIP tickets with a Meet and Greet sessions after the show on January 3, 2010, 6pm at Araneta Coliseum. now this is what i want!!!

you can get raffle coupon for every single receipt or accumulated receipt purchases worth at least P300 from any participating establishments in Araneta Center and this entitles you as well to a 10% discount coupon that you can use to buy tickets at the Araneta Coliseum Box Office.

you may read more about the promotions here and here.

Monday, November 16, 2009

thanksgiving 2009

i usually list down the things that i'm thankful for the year that was at the end of the year or after new year. but since i'm joining a contest and the theme is 'thanksgiving', i'm doing it earlier than usual this year. i'm sure there are still blessings coming over the next couple of weeks so i might still have something to write about afte new year =)

i'm joining the contest not so much about winning the prizes, i am not even familiar with some of the prizes aside from the free web hosting , the personalized template, and the site badge button. Oh, there's this prize of Paypal Funds that I would love to win. i'm joining the contest because i have lots of things to be grateful for. the prizes are just added perks to spice it up.

so here goes...

for the year 2009 God has given me lots of HE always does year after year...sometimes i may not realize it at the exact moment. if i have asked for something and it is not given, i know that HE is just preparing something much better for me.

i am most grateful for our new home. at first we are having trouble because of the long travel time, we still do, but now we are more tolerant as we already got used to it. the important thing is that, it is OURS. it's quite cute, but in time i know that God will make it bigger just when we needed it.

i am also thankful for our car. i've asked for a sign, God gave it to me. and so we were able to purchase it. we're working hard to pay it up as soon as possible. i know we can, we just have to be a little more creative when it comes to spending.

i am thankful for our dearest 'nanay'(as our little missy fondly calls her) our household help, our angel at home. she opt to stay with us even if we already transferred to a new location. of course she had her misgivings, but we'd rather concentrate on her being able to take care of our dearest little missy. that is what is important. and for that we are really thankful.

i am thankful that when the typhoon 'ondoy' strikes and leave most of the areas in rizal devastated, we were spared. we were safely tucked in our home. although the river near our place overflowed and made us all really nervous, the water did not reach our house. and we are really really thankful that we are safe.

i am thankful for our jobs. that despite the economic crisis around the world, we still get to keep our jobs. God really knows when and where to place us.

i am thankful that we are healthy, despite of the occasional bouts of cough, colds, & flu, we are still in good health.

i am thankful for my family, most especially my hubby and my little missy.

i am thankful for life's little blessings....

there you go...i've done it! first contest i've joined =)

to join the contest, simply visit online mommy's corner and follow the guidelines as stated in the contest post 'thanksgiving contest'

prizes are as follows:

1st Prize
1 Year Free Web Hosting (worth $10) – Online’s Mommy’s Corner
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

needs first before wants...

needs first before wants...needs first before wants...needs first before wants...

this is my current mantra...the phrase that i keep repeating in my head. the phrase that i need to live by. the phrase that i need and must do by all means...

it's quite hard considering that sometimes there is this need for self gratification. the need to feel that you're rewarded because you know you've work hard. not that i deprive myself of life's little pleasures, that one i could keep on doing and i'm glad that i still could.

but other than that, no more. i need to keep my focus, i need to keep my eyes on the goal. and someday, i know that in so doing, i might be able to buy what i want when i want it.

needs first before wants!

Friday, November 13, 2009

mommy moments - sporty day

this week's theme is sporty day. i would definitely encourage little missy if ever she'd become interested in a particular sport some day. i believe that it will help her develop good traits such as self discipline and being responsible to name a few.

two of the things that she enjoys right now that i think is sports related is riding her bike and swimming. she really loves the water so i think she'd be a good swimmer if it comes to that. she's also showing some interest in bowling (but she couldn't carry the ball, so right now she's just content on watching us play).

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mommy moments

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hi-5 Surprise! in Manila

received this email from World Vision. i would have loved to watch this, i'm sure little missy would have a blast as she enjoys watching the show in tv. but we're in a tight budget so we'll pass this one up...hopefully there's a next time =)

spread the word!


Dear friends,

World Vision is the beneficiary of Hi-5's upcoming series of shows in Manila this coming November 25-30.

Hi-5 is World Vision Ambassadors in Australia and they've had earlier visits in the country to visit one of our Cebu projects funded by WV Australia and also did some mall shows to promote their upcoming shows. Hi-5 is daily (M-F) aired in the morning at Nick Jr. (9AM & 12NN) and at TV5 (7AM and 3PM).

In support of this partnership, can you please share the email below to your friends, especially parents who might have daughters/ sons that are Hi-5 fans/ followers. They can also buy these tickets as gifts to their neices/ nephews/ inaanaks too! It comes with a pair of Crocs that they can also give as an early Christmas gift.

For ticket queries, please get in touch with World Vision Acquisition team at 3747652 or email c/o Thanks!

Hi-5 Surprise! Live In Manila!
November 25, 26, 27- 6pm
November 28, 29, 30- 11am/ 3pm/ 6pm

Ticket Prices: PhP
2,400/ 2,150/ 2,000/ 1,750/ 1,650


PAIR OF CROCS FOR EVERY TICKET SOLD (Selected Model/ Size/ Variants)
Redemption Area: The Podium, 4th Floor. (Redemption Period will start on November 15, 2009)

For Sponsorship/ Tickets inquiries, please Call World Vision (02) 374-7652 c/o Pam Millora

mommy moments - let's pretend

been busy with work the past days...weekends i've tried to focus my attention to little missy and hubby to make up for my absence (sort of) at home since i arrive late at night from work. in short, this post is late...again...hehe...but i wouldn't want to miss this one as i was already thinking of what i would post since knowing what the theme would be =)

mommy moments

so here it is...the theme is let's pretend. now, guess what she's pretending to be...or rather, who she's pretending to be. yep, she'd like to pretend that she's me by wearing my clothes =)

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

mommy moments - precious gift

the theme for this week is precious gift -any gift that you received from your child tangible or intangible.

mommy moments

i know little missy is not old enough to be giving gifts to me. but i do know that every kiss and hug that she gave me is a sign that she truly loves me =)

"nose to nose"

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