Wednesday, December 30, 2009

friends are there...

last night i get to spend some time with my high school friends, my 'samakulit' friends. and it was a blast! first time akong hindi natulog magdamag sa sobrang interesting at juicy ng chickahan! but even without the 'juicy chickahan' our 'kada could just hang out and chat endlessly and just be ourselves leaving the worries of being judged or being treated indifferently because of our 'quirks'...and for that, for my dear friends, i am truly thankful...

i'd like to share one of my favorite songs...a theme song from the 'garfield and friends' show. a song that i think would best describe the true essence of friendship.

Friends Are There
To Help You Get Started, To Give You A Push On Your Way

Friends Are There
To Turn You Around, Get Your Feet On The Ground For A Brand New Day

They'll Pick You Up When You're Down
Help You Swallow Your Pride When Something Inside's Got To Break On Through To The Other Side

Friends Are Someone You Can Open Up To
When You Feel Like You're Ready To Flip

When You Got The World On Your Shoulders
Friends Are There To Give You A Tip

Friends Are There When You Need Them
Their Even There When You Don't
For A Walk In The Park, For A Shot In The Dark

Friends Are There
(garfield) I Don't Care
But Friends Will Care For You-u-u-u-u-u-u!

Monday, December 28, 2009

service awards 2009

i just wanted to share this very rare occasion of me dressing up for an event.

taken last october during our company's service awards night. the company decided to cut down on expenses but this activity was retained as it is deemed necessary to recognize the loyal employees of the company which i think is just right.

i must say, the dress looks elegant though it doesn't cost me very is really a good find =)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

mommy moments - christmas moments

as in my previous post, this is our first christmas on our own. so we get to decorate our house and decide what food to serve. little missy is excited about the christmas decors...she just love the christmas lights...and the christmas tree. and of course, most of all, she loves opening the gifts, even the ones that aren't hers! ahaha! =)

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mommy moments

merry christmas!!!

this is our first christmas in our own home, and that means our first christmas on our own...

and it is truly is a very merry christmas! we've got some foods on our table, with my wish coming true, that we'd have a free ham, yey!

merry christmas everyone!!! God Bless!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i was surprised!

hubby kept on asking me what i want for a birthday gift. and i couldn't answer him directly. well, partly because i'm quite contented with what i have. not that i don't dream anymore of having the latest gadgets, new bags/shoes and what nots, i still do! who wouldn't?! i just feel that i'm so blessed and i am so thankful for the wonderful things that i already have. i've learned to appreciate what things i have, big or small, over the years and i guess i've matured enough not to overspend on unnecessary things. maybe being a mom does the trick =)

but the reason why i can't and don't answer him directly is that, i wanted him to surprise me. and surprised i was! hubby got some beautiful flowers delivered at my office (to the envy of my lady officemates...haba ng hair ko that day!...ahaha!). another gift was the book (entitled 'the shack' which they say is a good read. can't wait to read it!) that a friend recommended which i was looking for at some bookstores already but is always sold out.

thank you very much mahal! i was surprised and truly had a happy birthday!!!

although they tease me of being cheesy...i just wanted to say, thank you again, and i love you! (it's my day, so i can be cheesy all i want! pagbigyan nyo na ako...hehe!)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Big&Small Company Warehouse Sale 2009

i would love to go to this one...if only i could!

oh well, maybe you guys could come. brands on sale includes Big&Small, Orange Juice, Havin' A Baby Maternity & More. enjoy!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

mommy moments - my mommy moments

the theme for this week is 'your mommy moment' and basically, it refers to 'my mommy moments' =)

and what's my best mommy moments? of course nothing more than being with my family. need i say more?!?!....

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

i almost got ripped off!

when paying for your credit card bills, please please, always check your billing statement. scrutinize each item listed, your purchases, most especially the finance charges. i almost got ripped off!

you see, i usually pay for my credit card bills in full. so i don't worry about finance charges. but last month, i wasn't able to pay in full and so it is expected that it would incur some finance charges come this month's billing cycle. but upon checking my billing statement, i was shocked to see a finance charge that is double than what i expected. and so i did my research, asked an officemate on how to compute for the finance charge. and still, i would not arrived at the amount listed on my bill. kahit pa conservative computation na lang na "amount due*interest rate" eh mali pa rin at di tugma.

so i called the customer service of the bank and asked the CSR to check my account and to compute again for the finance charge. and indeed, there was an error! they say it's a system error and to appease me, they reversed my finance charge. yey! finance charge no more! dapat lang no! if i didn't check it, malamang naloko pa nila ako sa maling computation nila. tsk! tsk!

so guys, again, please check your billing statements before paying. huwag pong basta bayad lang ng bayad. it's our hard earned money. it is ok to pay as long as you are paying for the correct amount.

at the end of the day, i'm still thankful. if not for this incident, i would be paying a finance charge =)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

trick or treat 2009

i know, i know...a month has already gone by and i'm posting this just now...guilty as charged!

but i do not want to pass this one up as we really had fun and it's my first time also to actually dress up for the halloween event. thanks to hubby's officemate for lending me the dress.

little missy had fun! and in case you're wondering, yeah, she's my little wonder woman. pardon for the huge headband that it looks like a crown, whatever...i did it in haste and i don't even know how it actually looks! haha!

thanks to all the people in the office who made this possible. i'm already looking forward to next year! =)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

getting ready for christmas 2009

it's december already and i haven't done any serious shopping yet for Christmas gift giving. and of course due to the economic crisis, we no longer have the sodexo pass/gcs that we usually get during more ham, no more gift basket...sigh...ang lungkot more freebies :(

i guess we just have to be creative this time and look for gifts that are not as expensive and yet useful enough. buti na lang the kiddos in our family grew up to be simple and appreciative, at least we won't have a hard time looking for gifts.

i also plan on making something to give to our relatives on a per family basis. just something to let them know that we remember them. some sweets maybe? we'll see...

only got 2 more weeks to prepare. hopefully i get to finish it up just in time for Christmas. wish me luck! =)

Friday, December 4, 2009

mommy moments - talented kids

i wasn't able to join last week's mommy moments as i couldn't find pictures of my little missy with the theme of 'chore time'. she knows how to keep her toys after playing, although after a while she would say, 'eh kasi napagod na ko, ikaw naman liligpit mama'...hehe, marunong na mag-rason! the important thing i think, is that she knows that she needs to pick up her toys keep them in the right place.

this week's theme is 'talented kids'. she could sing & dance just like most kids her age does. but what she loves the most is to read. she loves books. and she almost memorize all of its contents. she could easily identify the pictures and drawings and could even make a story just by looking at the illustrations. sometimes i get amazed at how she knew some of the things that i think she doesn't know yet!

my little reader and story teller =)

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Thursday, December 3, 2009


sometimes i can't help but be envy of other people...

If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
~from Desiderata~

it's but natural, i'm only human. when i feel envious, i try to focus on what i have and not on what i lack...after all, i'm so blessed that i have a lot to be thankful for...

how about you? how do you cope up with this kind of feeling?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

photobooth anyone?

we attended a baptism wherein they have this what you call 'photobooth'. unlike the traditional photo booth which people often go through to have a quick photo ID, in this one you don't actually have to go inside a booth. instead, they have this setup wherein you pose in front of the photo booth with matching background/backdrop and wait for the shots. and because we pinoys are very fond of 'picture-picture', it is a blast to have this photobooth on our special occasions. after the shots, you get a copy of your picture as a souvenir for the event. and you can have as many photos as you want! provided of course there's no one else in line except you, which i doubt because the guests really loved it and enjoyed it so much that they kept on coming back.

here are samples of the shots that we have...

with the celebrant...little missy is still not yet in the mood

family shots...little missy definitely in the mood! =)

so if you're looking for a unique souvenir for your party/occasion, this would be it. surely your guests will enjoy it. we did! =)

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