Sunday, December 6, 2009

getting ready for christmas 2009

it's december already and i haven't done any serious shopping yet for Christmas gift giving. and of course due to the economic crisis, we no longer have the sodexo pass/gcs that we usually get during more ham, no more gift basket...sigh...ang lungkot more freebies :(

i guess we just have to be creative this time and look for gifts that are not as expensive and yet useful enough. buti na lang the kiddos in our family grew up to be simple and appreciative, at least we won't have a hard time looking for gifts.

i also plan on making something to give to our relatives on a per family basis. just something to let them know that we remember them. some sweets maybe? we'll see...

only got 2 more weeks to prepare. hopefully i get to finish it up just in time for Christmas. wish me luck! =)

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