Thursday, December 10, 2009

i almost got ripped off!

when paying for your credit card bills, please please, always check your billing statement. scrutinize each item listed, your purchases, most especially the finance charges. i almost got ripped off!

you see, i usually pay for my credit card bills in full. so i don't worry about finance charges. but last month, i wasn't able to pay in full and so it is expected that it would incur some finance charges come this month's billing cycle. but upon checking my billing statement, i was shocked to see a finance charge that is double than what i expected. and so i did my research, asked an officemate on how to compute for the finance charge. and still, i would not arrived at the amount listed on my bill. kahit pa conservative computation na lang na "amount due*interest rate" eh mali pa rin at di tugma.

so i called the customer service of the bank and asked the CSR to check my account and to compute again for the finance charge. and indeed, there was an error! they say it's a system error and to appease me, they reversed my finance charge. yey! finance charge no more! dapat lang no! if i didn't check it, malamang naloko pa nila ako sa maling computation nila. tsk! tsk!

so guys, again, please check your billing statements before paying. huwag pong basta bayad lang ng bayad. it's our hard earned money. it is ok to pay as long as you are paying for the correct amount.

at the end of the day, i'm still thankful. if not for this incident, i would be paying a finance charge =)


  1. that's good that you caught it...

  2. @chubskulit: onga sis! buti na lang =) lesson learned talaga sya...


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