Tuesday, December 22, 2009

i was surprised!

hubby kept on asking me what i want for a birthday gift. and i couldn't answer him directly. well, partly because i'm quite contented with what i have. not that i don't dream anymore of having the latest gadgets, new bags/shoes and what nots, i still do! who wouldn't?! i just feel that i'm so blessed and i am so thankful for the wonderful things that i already have. i've learned to appreciate what things i have, big or small, over the years and i guess i've matured enough not to overspend on unnecessary things. maybe being a mom does the trick =)

but the reason why i can't and don't answer him directly is that, i wanted him to surprise me. and surprised i was! hubby got some beautiful flowers delivered at my office (to the envy of my lady officemates...haba ng hair ko that day!...ahaha!). another gift was the book (entitled 'the shack' which they say is a good read. can't wait to read it!) that a friend recommended which i was looking for at some bookstores already but is always sold out.

thank you very much mahal! i was surprised and truly had a happy birthday!!!

although they tease me of being cheesy...i just wanted to say, thank you again, and i love you! (it's my day, so i can be cheesy all i want! pagbigyan nyo na ako...hehe!)

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