Saturday, December 11, 2010

mommy moments - christmas tree

our christmas tree is up! just in time for this entry...little missy likes to help out in decorating our humble tree. if only the christmas balls could complain, i bet they would have done so already because my daughter keeps on re-arranging them! =)

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Friday, November 26, 2010

mommy moments - big things!

last week, during the holiday, we took the chance to visit this famous bakery in marikina called pan de amerikana (i'll post more on this later) and one of its attraction is the giant chess that you could actually play. coolness!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

museo pambata toy drive

this is a great way to dispose of your excess toys. check out museo pambata's toy drive:

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

doon sa BATIBOT, tayo na, tayo na...

do you know this song?

Pagmulat ng mata,
Langit nakatawa
Sa batibot,
Sa batibot

Tayo nang magpunta
Tuklasin sa batibot
Ang tuwa, ang saya

Doon sa batibot
Tayo na, tayo na
Mga bata sa batibot
Maliksi, masigla. (2x)

if you do, then you must also know "pong-pagong" and "kiko-matsing"

oh how i loved to watch that show when i was a kid! it was a complete learning experience. and what i like the most, i realized just when i become a mother, is that it teaches children good manners and right conduct that are truly 'filipino' such as "pagmamano" and saying "po" and "opo". and i was hoping that it would be revived or that even a re-run would somehow be shown on tv again so that my kid could watch it. well, God must have heard me (and i bet other parents' too!) because it will be shown again (with new season, i guess).

it will be aired on TV5 starting November 27, 2010.


can't wait to watch it together with my kiddo!  =)

i choose to be happy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

mommy moments - it comes in all shapes

little missy could identify shapes of all forms...sometimes she even creates her own term for example is the crescent moon, since she don't know crescent shape, so her term for it is "moon banana"...clever huh?!...of course, she's a smart kid! =)

having fun with her square mats

creating triangular shapes by using her colored pencils

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a healthy tinkerbell indeed...

for this year's halloween party, little missy chose to wear a tinkerbell costume. mind you, she's the one who decided what she would wear...many times i tried to convince her to wear something else, but she wouldn't budge...hehe. luckily, my sister knew how to sew (i can't find a ready made that looks good and would fit her) and she made this gorgeous costume for my little missy. a friend commented that she's one cute and 'healthy' tinkerbell...healthy indeed, and thank God for that! =)

i choose to be happy!

Friday, October 15, 2010

mommy moments - blowing bubbles

kids sooooo love bubbles!

inside a giant bubble

having fun with bubbles together with her kuya vinson

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

chocolate molding

i have been eyeing chocolate molding as some form of a hobby and maybe a source of extra money (if not now, maybe someday). i have been reading on some recipes and tips and would also want to attend some sort of a training.

would you believe that the backyardigans characters in this photo are all edible chocolate figurines? cool huh?!...i found out that the chocolate lover is offering a variety of class on chocolate molding (and more!) and (i think) for a reasonable price. i would love to attend one of these!

if you've attended any of the class, care to give some feedbacks?

i choose to be happy!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

me wants this...

it's been a long time since i last spent some moolah on gadgets...i'm not into apple products but right now i'm drooling over the iPod touch 4th gen which boasts of some great features...

the selling point for me is the camera, HD video recording, wifi and of course the games (not that i'm into so much games, all i want is the plants vs. zombies! hehe).  it's like the iPhone 4 but without the mobile phone features...but what the heck, i could just get a free phone from my mobile provider when i renew my contract which is soon.

but then again, is it much better to get the iPhone 4 instead??? (which is wayyyyy over my budget! haha!)

i choose to be happy!

Friday, October 8, 2010

mommy moments - hairstyles

little missy wasn't into 'doing' her hair until recently...and am glad she did because it makes her prettier =)

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Friday, October 1, 2010

do you have a hobby?

i was whining to a friend that i do not have any hobby :(

i would start on something that would pique my interest, but then would eventually get tired of it. it got to a point where i would become very excited about something that i would drive even my hubby crazy because i want this or that...and then will not do it at all! so hubby got tired, and would just say yes to me, because he now knows, that eventually, i will get tired or bored and will abandon whatever it is that i "used" or "want" to super like doing...hehe

but my friend reminded me though, that i do not need to have a hobby...more than anything else, i have a child, who needs my attention...she's more than a handful and she wants my attention when i am at home. i guess my dear friend is right...

but i realized also, that i don't need to have a hobby just to have a hobby...i just need to do what it is that i like the most and what is it that i want to do at the moment...and one thing for sure that i wouldn't get tired of doing, is cooking for my family...and playing with my little missy =)

i choose to be happy!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

having fun rain or shine...

i let my child play outdoor...

i let her play in the sand, gather some dusts and be dirty...

i let her enjoy her childhood...


i let her play in the rain...i let her dance in the rain...

i let her enjoy her childhood...

in so doing, i'm hoping to raise a happy and a positive person
who knows how to enjoy little things,
who knows how to appreciate simple things,
who knows how to enjoy life's little pleasures...
who knows how to love life...

i choose to be happy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

how brats are created

was cleaning up my mailbox and found this very nice article that i would like to share to all the parents out there in the hope that they too would share this to their kids...and if you're a parent and kinda guilty of this, it's not too late to change...i am hoping too that i would be able to raise my child well...

this is kinda long, but please read through the is worth it :)


Thursday, September 16, 2004

How brats are created

Who says only valuable jewelries can become heirlooms? My daughter showed me a copy of a letter written by her friend's Dad on her 13th birthday. A few months after he wrote it, he died of a heart attack. Today, this letter is regarded as a family heirloom, shared not just with the immediate members of the family, but shown proudly to relatives and friends alike.

I felt the message in this beautiful letter should be shared with as many people as possible. So I asked my daughter if her friend - the letter's addressee-would allow me to reprint it in BusinessWorld.

She said there shouldn't be a problem, except that a note should probably precede the letter asking the readers to share this with their young married children. Hah! a not-so-subtle inference that BusinessWorld readers are not exactly "young parents" anymore.

So, dear readers, do share this letter with your young married children. They will certainly find this letter - as I did - a very insightful treatise on how brats are created.

"Daughter Dearest Happy 13th Birthday!

"When you came to this world 13 years ago, you brought your Mom and I a lot of joy! We've always wanted a daughter and God in His wisdom gifted us with you. "This is not to cast any aspersions at your four older brothers; they are also a great blessing and we love them very much, but boys are boys, and I look forward to the day when I am old and gray to have you by my side. I can't see this happening with your brothers; you know what I mean, as we have talked about this at the dining-room table many a time.

"You have also heard me say that we are gifted with a lot of material wealth. That's something we should be very grateful to the Lord about, but we should be aware that this has been loaned to us, as you too are loaned to us by God and that we will be asked to give a full accounting when our day of reckoning comes.

"The reason for this letter is to warn you about one big, big danger you and your brothers may face in the next few years. I have seen it happen in other families. I don't want to see it happen here.

"I am referring to having you guys grow up as brats!" 'Brat-manship' is the process one has to go through to become a brat!

"Unfortunately, it is an ailment imposed by parents! They are the creators of the brats!

"In their desire to try to save their children from the difficulties they have been through, they do whatever possible to shield them from this. Little do they realize, that it is precisely these difficulties that have made them successful. Their love for their children may make them overprotective. They may even prevent them from taking public transportation. They come up with all sorts of rationalizations, going by public transportation is not safe, the buses are too crowded, the fumes on the road are bad for ones health, and so on!

"They mean well, but in the process, they deprive their children of what it really means to live in a city like Manila which is comprised of two strata of society - the 'haves' and the 'have-nots!' And sad to say some of 'the haves' live in their little world. Unaware of that sampaguita vendor, drenched in the rain, so that her siblings may get a least one meal that day.

"The other day, I was with an elderly wise gentleman, we are at the Polo Club waiting for his car. There was a girl, about your age. She, too, was waiting for her car. When her vehicle got there, she jumped into the front seat, and as she did, tossed her beautiful pair of riding boots into the back seat. She then asked the driver if her Mom was home. 'Wala po! Nagma-mah jong (She's not home. She's playing mah jong),' came the reply! The car drove off.

"My friend turned to me and said, 'There is an example of the under-privileged rich.' Then he followed with, 'They have everything and they have nothing.'

"This incident, short as it was, left me with a deep impression. I guess this is why I am writing this letter.

"Your Mom and I have tried to raise you kids to realize that our country is made up of the very rich and those who may not even have enough to have one decent meal a day. I hope you never lose sight of this. This is why we have taken it upon ourselves to adopt a squatter family during Christmas and share with them some of some things to make their Christmas more meaningful. In the process, we hope that you and your brothers will appreciate the conditions we live in. In the process, I hope that you always have compassion for these lesser fortunate. So that next time you see that sampaguita vendor knocking at our car window drenched in rain you do not get annoyed, but instead pull out your wallet and share with her in a small way your allowance.

"You will notice your brothers take public transportation to go to UP. It's not that we can't afford another car; we can't afford for them to grow up thinking that its part of their 'birth right' to be in the ruling class.

"This is why we insisted that you do your bed in the morning, and to pick up your own toys and clothes, rather than have a yaya trailing you.

"And I could go on and on. As you are apt to say, 'You catch my drift!'

"When you feel you are not getting enough money in your allowance, or get new shoes like your friends always had or the latest fad of Guess jeans, take this letter out and reread what I have written.

"We love you far too much to create a brat!

"Your Loving Father"

i choose to be happy!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

little missy's 10 seconds of fame on the Nido3+ digital billboard

OMG! OMG! OMG! I feel like winning the lottery!!! little missy has been chosen in the NIDO3+ See the Difference promo!

she'll be appearing on the digital billboards of EDSA Southbound near Boni Avenue (between 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM) and SM North EDSA (between 6:00 - 8:00PM) on Sept.21-23.

yeah i know, it's just a 10seconds of fame...but what the heck! I'm still proud!!! guys, if you spot her..., please please take a picture for so happy!!! =)

i choose to be happy!

Friday, September 17, 2010

mommy moments - grandparents

how i wish my mom and dad were still here. i'm sure they would have terribly enjoyed being with my little missy. but it's ok, i'm also sure that they are just as happy and that they are looking after her...they are her angels.

fortunately, little missy still have her "mommy" lola and her "daddy" lolo at her father's side. she is very close with her "mommy" and would always ask from her a 'pasalubong' whenever she gets home...hehe =)

with her "mommy" lola

with her "daddy" lolo

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

have you been dating lately?


if you're married, and your answer to my question is NO...then i suggest you do. i believe that dating is very important in a married couple's life. it helps strengthen the relationship. you get to spend time with each other, just the two of you alone, alone in your own world...just like the old times, when you're still in the gf/bf stage. remember those times, when you insist on walking when you could ride instead, just to extend the time of being together? remember the times when you dine facing each other, looking at each other tenderly? yes it sounds 'cheesy' but those moments should be relived every once in a while...yes we have work to do, bills to pay, and tons of other worries. but if we could just spend a little time, each month at least, to be just like 'teenagers' again, i believe, it would make a difference in our married life. dates need not be expensive, as long as you are with your husband/wife, as long as you are "twogether" making it a special "date".

i choose to be happy!


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