Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hubby's hospitalization (part1)

this is a long overdue post, but nevertheless, i still wanted to write it down so that if ever i forgot the lessons that i've learned from the experience, this blog would remind me of it.

so here it goes...long post ahead...

january 2, 2010 - we were all excited to go and watch the 'disney on ice show' at the araneta coliseum in cubao. it would be little missy's first time to watch the show and we can't wait to see how she would feel about it. and as expected, she did enjoy the show.

however, towards the end of the show, hubby is already complaining of tummy ache. he's been having tummy aches lately but it would subside eventually so i just asked him if he's ok and he said he's fine and that he could bear the pain until we get home. we still have some errands to do, buy some things before we head home. we passed by gateway mall to take some pictures of little missy with the shop's big christmas tree and roam around. i still get to buy some pants but i saw hubby already sitting down in a corner probably to ease the pain. so i asked him again if he wanted to go home already. he said he's fine, he wanted to buy something first for his computer. i told him we'll buy medicine first for his tummy ache, just to lessen the pain. so buy we did and then we head off to sm for his computer thing. but it seems that even if he's already taken some meds, he is still in pain. i told him that i will bring him to the hospital, to the ER, and he agreed. for me it's a sign that he is really in great pain as he would normally say no, a big NO in fact, whenever i tell him that i'll bring him to the hospital. in fact, he doesn't like going for checkups at all. i would always bugger him to go to the doctor and have a checkup as he is complaining about his tummy ache for quite some time. he would just say yes, but would not go at all (pasaway!).

we went to st.luke's hospital as it is the nearest hospital from cubao that i could think of and that would accept our healthcard. when we get there, he could no longer stand up from the pain. i couldn't assist him because i am carrying little missy who already fell asleep. he managed to talk to the staff and they immediately gave him a bed to lie down. i was outside of the hospital at the waiting area because kids are not allowed inside the ER. i asked my siblings for assistance, my brother with my niece went to the hospital to look after little missy. some of my friends whom i managed to text also went to the hospital to check on us. it was only then that i was able to go inside the ER and assist hubby. he was given some pain relievers and it seems to work. we waited for the ultrasound and other laboratory results. the results showed that he's got fatty liver, gallstones, etc. when we heard about the gallstones, we asked the doctor about it but the doctor seems to be not worried about it. the final diagnose was that, it's acid related, because he responded to the medicine that they gave him. and so we went home, hubby feeling better.

or so we thought...

lesson learned:
1. never take your health for granted, if you feel something is not right with your body, have a checkup. early detection of sickness could save you from further pain...and most of all, it could save your life.

2. for a family person like me, if you are employed, look for a company that has some medical benefits and that it includes your family (spouse and children), you'll never know when you need it. it is really a great help.

3. don't hesitate to ask for help, from your family, from your friends. you're not a superhero, you can't do it all. and i thank my family and friends for being there for us.

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