Wednesday, March 17, 2010

have you been to the beach?...

well, i haven't...not yet...but still hoping...

i am a beach person...i love going to the beach...and i see to it that at least once every summer, i would be able to just bum around the seashore, feel the sand on my feet, and swim to my heart's content...

i still think that it wasn't too much to ask i was really excited (i think little missy was more excited than i am) when a friend arranged a trip to the beach last weekend. unfortunately, little missy got sick and we were not able to go :(

of course i feel sad, it's my chance to go the beach...but then again, i wouldn't risk bringing little missy along when she's sick. and i wouldn't want to go either and leave little missy at home knowing that she's sick. besides, i know i wouldn't enjoy the trip because i would be thinking of her, if she's alright, or whatever she's feeling.

i realized that it's not just about me anymore...when i became a mother, my child's needs supersedes mine. it's not that i didn't knew it before, it's just that now i know it even better.

oh if in case you're wondering how little missy felt because we weren't able to go...well, she kind of understand, i guess she undertood it more than i do. we were careful not to remind her about the trip. but a bright kid that she is, she said "hindi pa ko pwede magsi-swim kasi sick pa ko?" i answered "yes, next time na lang ha" and that's tantrums or whatever =)

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