Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Observing Labor day on May 3, 2010 as a Regular Holiday

it's official!...unless malacaƱang decides on the last minute (again!) to take it back.

another day to be thankful! wohoo! that means, i get to spend extra time with my family =)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

to run...or not...

nope, i'm not into politics...

i'm contemplating whether to join the fun run being organized by our company this coming may. you see, running is the "in" thing's like the new "badminton"...remember the days when badminton courts are sprouting all over and almost everyone you know play the game? well, i didn't...KJ ako e...haha! i guess i'm just wasn't into it...

but running, i think is quite different. everybody could do it, you just got to have the will to do it...and i'm still trying to convince myself that i NEED to do it...for one, i haven't got any form of exercise at all!

so, we'll see...hopefully i could convince myself enough to make me actually join...haha!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

pandan island, occidental mindoro

summer is not yet over and i'm sharing with you one of the great places to go beach bumming...that is pandan island in sablayan occidental mindoro. i've been to occidental mindoro many times since i was a child, but haven't really know that there exist a beautiful island that attracts many tourists (more foreign tourists than pinoys!)


route 1: plane from manila to san jose; bus from san jose to sablayan; boat from sablayan to pandan island

route 2: bus from manila to batangas pier; ferry from batangas to abra de ilog; bus/van from abra de ilog to sablayan

--> we opted to take route 2 since it is cheaper, and we could travel by night which is gonna save us at least 1 day. also, according to my relatives, the road from abra de ilog to sablayan is much better than the road from san jose to sablayan. travel time is around 10 hrs that is if you leave manila during night time (2 hrs bus ride from manila to batangas; 2-3 hrs ferry ride from batangas pier to abra de ilog; 3-4 hrs bus ride from abra de ilog to sablayan; 20 mins boat ride from sablayan to pandan island)

--> last trip of bus going to batangas pier is 10pm (at the buendia taft avenue station)

--> ferry from batangas to abra de ilog leaves at around 3-4am, you have to check it before traveling as this schedule is also changing

--> at abra de ilog, you have to be fast to catch the van going to sablayan. otherwise, you take the bus which takes longer to travel since there are too many passengers boarding on/off


the only resort available at the island is the pandan island resort which is being run by a french guy. you have to make a reservation just to be sure that they could accomodate you. the rates in their website are pretty accurate. you can always email them if you have questions and they reply pretty quick also.

the accomodation is simple (with toilet, bed with mosquito net). power is by solar energy only so there is not much light during the night. i suggest you leave your gadgets behind, but if you really need them, you can charge batteries at their dive shop for a small fee. water is salty, which is kind of expected since your on an island, but they will provide freshwater for shower purposes.

according to the french owner, they wanted to keep the island intact, they wanted to preserve it. hence, the simplicity of the resort, which is quite charming and which is just fine with us. but if you're the type of person who couldn't live without aircondition, without all the amenities of a high end resort, then you might want to re-consider going there.


food is available at the resort. but if you're on a tight budget, you may bring in breads, canned goods for breakfast & some snacks too. at least 1 buffet per day is required by the resort. the dinner is buffet style only, so we opted to take the buffet dinner for the requirement. food is good.

other options:

if you're on a tight budget, you may opt to stay at a resort in sablayan instead of staying at the island. and then just go to the island for a day tour only for which you will be charge a fee of Php100.00 only compared to the rate that you will pay for staying at the resort. but if you're a beach bummer like us and you want to experience the quietness & simplicity of living in an island, then i suggest you stay at the resort =)

if you have the budget, there are tours available going to the apo reef which is said to be 'the second contiguous coral reef in the world and the largest one in the Philippines'. the resort can arrange the trip or you may also contact the eco tourism office of sablayan. this is quite expensive but if you are a group, then you can share the cost. if you are a diver, they said that it is a must to go there!

sablayan land tours are also available, but we didn't bother to take it since we wanted to just bum around the island and enjoy each other's company. *wink*wink*


there isn't really much to do aside from bumming around the island, snorkeling, or diving (did i mention they have a dive shop?), eating, enjoying the sun & the sand. if your lucky, you get to see small pawikans (sea turtles) at the back of the island, awaiting to be released back into the sea once they are ready.

helpful websites:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

happy 4 years!!!

10 years (and 1 month) before getting married + 4 years as husband & wife = 14 years!!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010


i was whining to a friend how i can't afford to buy some gadgets that i wanted even though it's not expensive and she told me: "me bahay ka naman,me kotse ka, nabili mo na nga yung mga gusto mo".

she's right...instead of counting my blessings, i was looking for and wanting something that i don't have....

SORRY LORD for sometimes i forget how truly BLESSED i am...

and THANK YOU LORD for all the BLESSINGS that YOU have given us...


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