Wednesday, August 11, 2010

23-aug-2010 more!

many are sooo looking forward to holidays...especially working moms like me because it would mean more time to spend with our family, more time to make kulitan with our kiddos. i was really looking forward to august 23, 2010 as a 'holiday' but i have already foreseen that since we have a new president, then the 'holiday economics' that was previously being observed will no longer be applicable. and true enough, our new president have declared august 23, 2010 as a regular working day. and that ninoy's death anniversary  that is august 21 which falls on a saturday be observed on its original date. so, there you no more...sigh...buti na lang i haven't made any arrangement for a vacation for this long weekend.

we still got some reason to smile though, there's still a long weekend coming this end of august. yey! =)

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