Sunday, August 29, 2010

mommy moments - i love toys and gadgets!

little missy loves toys (who's kid doesn't?) and books....and gadgets! i bought for myself a nintendo DS lite as a, well, sort of a self gratification thing (i convinced myself hard enough that i had to buy it since i wasn't blessed with so much toys during my childhood, and i wanted so much that 'game & watch' thingy but couldn't have it back then). i thought i would be able to play around with my DS for a long time until i get bored with it then i'll pass it on to my little missy when maybe she's 4-5 yrs old. but now, it's all hers...she's claimed it already (she started playing it when she was still 2 yrs.old!) and i'm the one who borrows it from her...tsk.tsk.tsk.

playing with my DS...err...her DS lite

yes she loves to play with my laptop too...but that is mine missy...hehe

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