Friday, October 1, 2010

do you have a hobby?

i was whining to a friend that i do not have any hobby :(

i would start on something that would pique my interest, but then would eventually get tired of it. it got to a point where i would become very excited about something that i would drive even my hubby crazy because i want this or that...and then will not do it at all! so hubby got tired, and would just say yes to me, because he now knows, that eventually, i will get tired or bored and will abandon whatever it is that i "used" or "want" to super like doing...hehe

but my friend reminded me though, that i do not need to have a hobby...more than anything else, i have a child, who needs my attention...she's more than a handful and she wants my attention when i am at home. i guess my dear friend is right...

but i realized also, that i don't need to have a hobby just to have a hobby...i just need to do what it is that i like the most and what is it that i want to do at the moment...and one thing for sure that i wouldn't get tired of doing, is cooking for my family...and playing with my little missy =)

i choose to be happy!

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  1. hello
    I stumbled on your site. I am a year old with this but I am the same way. I start something but never finish it to see to the fruit or the manifestation of it.

    I love to run my own photobooth one day and I purchased one and never got it off running.

    I wanted to build a portrait studio but never applied myself completely.

    Great blog and info!!!


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