Tuesday, November 16, 2010

doon sa BATIBOT, tayo na, tayo na...

do you know this song?

Pagmulat ng mata,
Langit nakatawa
Sa batibot,
Sa batibot

Tayo nang magpunta
Tuklasin sa batibot
Ang tuwa, ang saya

Doon sa batibot
Tayo na, tayo na
Mga bata sa batibot
Maliksi, masigla. (2x)

if you do, then you must also know "pong-pagong" and "kiko-matsing"

oh how i loved to watch that show when i was a kid! it was a complete learning experience. and what i like the most, i realized just when i become a mother, is that it teaches children good manners and right conduct that are truly 'filipino' such as "pagmamano" and saying "po" and "opo". and i was hoping that it would be revived or that even a re-run would somehow be shown on tv again so that my kid could watch it. well, God must have heard me (and i bet other parents' too!) because it will be shown again (with new season, i guess).

it will be aired on TV5 starting November 27, 2010.


can't wait to watch it together with my kiddo!  =)

i choose to be happy!

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