Thursday, November 4, 2010

mommy moments - it comes in all shapes

little missy could identify shapes of all forms...sometimes she even creates her own term for example is the crescent moon, since she don't know crescent shape, so her term for it is "moon banana"...clever huh?!...of course, she's a smart kid! =)

having fun with her square mats

creating triangular shapes by using her colored pencils

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mommy moments

i choose to be happy!


  1. Aw, she's beautiful! I like that first picture. :) Ibang klase din sya coz she like's triangles. Nice meeting you here in MM.

    My Mommy Moments post here

  2. That is really cute, ginawa ba namang parang robot hehe. what an adorable lil lady

    It comes in all shapes and sizes

  3. Kids can be so imaginative, they can create their own dictionary and shape and color. They are very smart these days, influenced by Noggis, Dora and all sorts of TV programs suitable for children. I like the both photos, she's so cute..

  4. that was a cute picture you got there! i haven't thought of playing the rubber mats like that, lol!

  5. very smart and creative! :D happy mommy moments!

  6. nice idea of putting herself into squares :)

  7. Adorable daughter of yours!So imaginative of her which is good--smart lil girl!

    Nice meeting you here at Mommy Moments--followed you dear^_^

    Have a nice week ahead!


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