Sunday, January 23, 2011


i have always been a 'flip' cellphone fanatic...i  don't know why, i just love it...maybe because it is kind a different in a way because usual form factors are 'candy bar'...but nowadays, it is quite hard to find a 'flip' phone...well, there are some, but the fact is...i just don't wanna spend my moolah on it when i could get a 'free' phone...sort of...

i have to say goodbye to my beloved 'red flip cellphone' which has been with me for two years...i'll miss you for sure, but i have to move on...i hope your new owner would come to love you as i did...

say hello to my new phone...i am now moving on to a 'touch' phone simply because it is what is available with my phone line. if only there's an available flip phone...maybe next time...

i choose to be happy!


  1. hmmm.. CHAMP is cool. i think it's available in SUN network for Plan350..

  2. @kimmy - you got it right's from SUN network plan350 :)


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