Sunday, September 2, 2012

blog some more

1 year?...really?, time does fly really fast...i didn't even notice that it has been a year since i last updated this blog...don't get me wrong, it's not as if i have stop counting my blessings, i still do, everyday...just waking up each morning is a blessing in itself already. i guess i just got caught up with the facebook thingy, the micro-blogging site wherein you could get responses for whatever you post almost immediately (yes, aminin, yun naman talaga ang gusto natin...dahil sadyang papansin ang tao by nature...ahehe). but then again, i still love reading blogs...sometimes i can go on for hours just reading's like reading a book, but a reality book because as you go on, you get to know the person behind the blog, who generously share their thoughts, their lives, it's like you're reading a diary. remember the tv show doogie howser, m.d.? at the end wherein doogie logs on to his computer (blue pa ang screen ng computer!) to write his thoughts (yes i admit, i came from that era...hehe). and so, here i am again, trying to put my thoughts into words writing this blog. and because i can't get over the timeline format of the fb, i really don't, ayoko talaga (did i say it enough already? ahaha!) perhaps i can blog some more (sana!).

i choose to be happy!

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